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Holy Mackerel

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black bellied plover

Black -bellied plover

We’ve all had those moments when we looked at something from a different perspective and an entirely new world opened up in front of us.  It happened to me in December.  I got a new Single Lens Reflex camera for Christmas.  Actually, it was the weekend after Black Friday.  But I couldn’t wait until Christmas to try it out.  I had to be proficient in its use in time for taking all those holiday pictures of the grandchildren.  So where better than the beach to try it out?  Continue Reading »

Birding over time.

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As most of you know, Maureen and I spend our summers in National Parks.  Birding is one of my passions and I keep a log of the birds I see in each place.  Obviously there is a new life bird or two in each place.  This year, for reasons known to my inner circle, we spent the spring from mid-June to mid-July and the month of October in a campground in Sealevel, North Carolina.  Sealevel is near the end of the earth.  It is almost at the end of the highway from Morehead City on US Rte 70.  The campground is about 15 acres of level (and leveled) sand without trees but surrounded on three sides by sand pines and live oak trees with a few cedars in the mix.  There is a 100-foot long beach on the south end that faces Core Sound. Across the Sound about two miles is a barrier island.
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