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Australia Again by Ken

Posted by on 04 May 2010 | Tagged as: birding

Australia Again

Beth and I spent the first three weeks of April with our grandkids and their parents in Brisbane, Australia. We were there about the same time last year but travelled a little further afield this year. The family had to move to a new house the week we arrived so things were somewhat disorganized. The family dog loves the new place; it has a swimming pool surrounded by rocks full of lizards to chase. One day she chased a little ten incher into the pool. It swam around for awhile then suddenly reached out with all four legs and grabbed the pool bottom. It stayed there for over ten minutes before both the dog and I lost interest. I am told that they have the ability to go into a hibernation mode and survive with almost no air for extended periods. This guy didn’t even emit bubbles. Continue Reading »

The Rookery at Gatorland, by Wanda Extrom

Posted by on 04 May 2010 | Tagged as: birding

I can think of nothing better than photoing birds at a rookery in the Florida sunshine.  My past experience has been at the rookery at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, so I thought I’d check out the rookery at Gatorland in Orlando for a change of pace.  Well, I hit the jackpot!  Not only were the birds displaying their breeding plumage and building nests, some already had eggs and a few even had chicks! Continue Reading »