August 2011

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Migrating birds return to Florida by Don

Posted by on 26 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: birding

composite of migrant birds in NSB on beachThe beach between 27th Ave and Hiles Blvd in NSB is full of Royal and Sandwich Terns Ring-billed Gulls and semi-palmated plovers. Today I saw a juvenile Herring Gull. I hope the birds migrating south don’t get caught up in Irene’s northward march.

Last week, Dick and Gail saw a Gray Kingbird at Peacock Pocket along with a trove of other birds. Unfortunately, all birding had to be done inside the car because the mosquitos exceeded expectations.

Tulip Watching in the Netherlands by Ken

Posted by on 09 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: birding, flowers

Dutch Tulip FieldsAfter Beth followed me around battlefields and bird marshes in France and Belgium for two weeks in April, I agreed to tulip – watch in The Netherlands with her.

With the Fyocks, we boarded a river boat in Antwerp, Belgium and cruised canals and lakes to several smaller cities in Belgium and The Netherlands. Often the water in the canal was higher than the surrounding countryside. At one point we actually passed over a busy, four-lane divided highway. We also visited Delta Works, the massive dikes which are normally open to allow water and marine life to pass back and forth into the Zeider Zee but may be closed to prevent North Sea storm tides from flooding the lowlands. We also visited a windmill “farm” at Kinderdijk where the operator lives inside the body of his windmill together with his wife and family. Continue Reading »