January 2012

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Christmas Bird Count Report

Posted by on 09 Jan 2012 | Tagged as: birding

GullsTwenty-nine people split our fifteen mile diameter circle into 11 areas including one boat. The weather was blustery and rainy for the start but moderated later in the morning. We tallied 134 species and a total of 79,584 birds. We thought that 5,860 Laughing Gulls was a lot, but that number paled in comparison to the estimated 50,000 Tree Swallows Clay found himself surrounded by. For a complete list of birds found, click the appropriate format: Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Works. As usual, click the pix for a larger view.

tree swallowstree swallowstree swallows

December Field Trip Report

Posted by on 05 Jan 2012 | Tagged as: birding

Scrub JayOn a beautiful morning, 9 dedicated birders started at 6 A.M. to catch the sunrise over the Indian River Lagoon at Seminole Rest. We saw Common Loon, terns, Red-breasted Merganser and Gulls along the shoreline, observed many birds flying in from the Islands to the mainland and listened to the lovely bird-songs at daybreak. On the way to and at Merritt Island we saw all the usual birds plus a male Painted Bunting eating poke berries and a Great Horned Owl setting on a nest. A trip around the Scrub Jay trail found the friendly birds. Also, most everyone saw the Eurasian Wigeon, a life bird for some. We counted 80 species overall. The complete list and some pictures follow. Continue Reading »