Lunchtime at the visitor centerNine faithful birders spent a very pleasant and productive morning Friday at Merritt Island. After spotting a lone Horned Grebe near the causeway bridge, with the sun at our backs we found most of our 78 species along East Gator Creek Road. There were Caspian Tern, Black-necked Stilts and quite a few Black Skimmers along with the usual shore and wading birds. The difference between East & west gator Creek roads was amazing with only 4 or 5 individual birds along West Gator Creek.

After a leisurely lunch and Painted Bunting viewing at the Visitor Center, we scoped the ponds along the beach road and found Lesser Scaup, Red-head Ducks and two American Avocets.

On the way out through Bio-lab Road we did find several of the Stilt Sandpipers that had been reported at the Visitor Center.

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