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Birth Day

Posted by on 20 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: Wandering Members

The morning of June 18th was pretty exciting at our cabin in the Canadian foothills.

Shortly after 8:00 AM, I looked out into the back yard and there was a Mule Deer doe making her way across the yard with a brand new baby in tow. The little guy was same size as a cocker spaniel but much less steady. That didn’t slow momma and she trucked across the yard as if on a mission. Halfway across the fawn stalled. No amount of encouragement from 30 yards away could get him going, so momma came back. Turns out he was hungry. It was not his first meal as he had the system down pat, but it was hard work. He was so tiny that he could barely reach the spouts at full stretch. But it worked! In a few minutes they were off again.
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Circle B Bar Ranch and Saddle Creek-Polk County

Posted by on 03 Jun 2012 | Tagged as: birding

Circle B Bar Visitor Center signWhat better reason to leave the house than the occasion of the second treatment for flea infestation.  We don’t know where they came from but suspect all the feral cats in the neighborhood.  The first treatment resulted in an awful smell that lasted for hours.  The following week saw us dressed in long pants reeking of DEET and still getting bitten by the fleas that were not killed.  Then we realized we would have to get something for the lawn.  We got that taken care of but knew that the second treatment indoors would follow.  So we decided to  get out of Dodge for the weekend.   Continue Reading »