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Christmas Bird Count Results

Posted by on 11 Jan 2013 | Tagged as: birding

yr_warbler_webThanks to all who participated in this years Ponce Inlet Christmas Bird Count.  We had 31 volunteers covering 10 areas within our circle. The day started with light rain and wind with the wind intensity increasing throughout the day. We are still working on entering data from all areas but preliminary numbers are approximately 124 species and 35,000 individuals. Interestingly, last year we recorded over 50,000 Tree Swallows but this year only 128; last year American Robins 2600, this year over 10,000. Our Species count is also lower – 135 last year and 124 this year.  The species count may change up or down as we enter the data in our spreadsheet and online.

The decision by National Audubon to not charge a participant fee this year creates two noted changes.  First,  American Birds will no longer be published and distributed.  Second, an online version  of American Birds featuring a new interactive web presence including photos, summaries, and features will be presented online as they are completed.   Continue Reading »


Posted by on 11 Jan 2013 | Tagged as: birding

moe&gail_webAt 7 A.M. in Edgewater there was only a light fog and it looked to be a pleasant day.  However, as we traveled south on I-95 the fog became increasingly more dense and by the time we reached Wickham road we could just barely see to find Burger King for our morning coffee stop.

When we reached the Wetlands, it was only to find that the dike roads were closed to driving but we got a reprieve at the Click Ponds. As the fog lifted we were able to find a variety of ducks including Ruddy, Hooded Merganser, Northern Shoveler and both Blue & Green-winged Teal. Also, a mixture of  species including Eared Grebe, Roseate Spoonbill, Northern Harrier & Caspian Tern. In the western sod farm we spotted American Pipit, Willet, Killdeer, Sandhill Crane and both Western & Least Sandpiper. The most outstanding sighting was of a male Painted Bunting that perched near enough for all to get a great look and photos. Continue Reading »