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Sunday Evening on a Tuk Tuk by Ken

Posted by on 21 Mar 2015 | Tagged as: Wandering Members

Brazilians-in-a-Tuk-Tuk_webI apologize for the length to follow, but this was a blast.

Before we left home for our trip to Singapore and Bangkok, Beth booked us on a Sunday evening Tuk Tuk Tour of Bangkok.  A Tuk Tuk is a colorful version of an unstable, three-wheeled motorcycle.  It goes like the proverbial bat out of hades, turns on a dime, has no seat belts, is open sided and loud.  When we told our son of our intent, his reply was “Well you’ve both lived pretty full lives!”

We met our guide and the other tourists at 7:00 PM at one of the Skytrain stops.  We were the second couple there but the others soon trickled in.  There were nine of us plus the guide – six nationalities.  During the evening we got to know each other a little better and found that our fellow adventurers were really a great bunch.  Plus they all worried about us old folks. Continue Reading »

Sunday Afternoon in Bangkok by Ken

Posted by on 21 Mar 2015 | Tagged as: Wandering Members

Long-Tail-Boat-Passing-Temple_webBeth and I went to Singapore early March for a month with our two oldest grandkids (and their parents).  We arrived about 1:30 AM on a Friday and left for grandson’s soccer tournament in Bangkok, Thailand, at 3:00 PM.  A questionable cure for jet lag.

Soccer was a loss but we stayed over a few days to “do” Bangkok.  It turned out to be a better experience than Beth expected or than I remembered.  For starters, the city is much cleaner now and a jewel compared to other Asian cities – Singapore excepted. The degree of politeness was also pleasant.  Downside was lack of English skills, even at our five-star hotel. Continue Reading »

March 14 Field Trip to Orlando Wetlands Park

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DSC_4495Ten enthusiastic birders traveled to the Orlando Wetlands Park for a day of birding and were not disappointed. A small flock of Turkeys was spotted on Hwy 50 entering Christmas so we were anticipating a good day. Everyone walked the 2.5 mile Birding Route include the short spur to look for the Vermillion Flycatcher. The Flycatcher was not to be found however we did find a good variety of  upland, wading and shore birds. A White-eyed Vireo was heard and soon spotted as well as Gray Catbird, Northern Mocking Bird, Northern Cardinal, Yellow-rumped, Palm and Northern Parula Warblers. Black-crowned Night Herons were found in the usual pond and several Purple Gallinule displayed their beautiful color for us. At one spot we had a Purple Gallinule and a Green Heron in one scope view.  Continue Reading »

Mar27 Field Trip_ Seminole Rest and Black Point Drive

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Scrub Jay

Twelve hardy people enjoyed a successful day of birding.  Three of them were new to us, friends and snowbirds from various states.

The starting temp was 49 and ending was 56 degrees.  It was overcast the entire time and the wind started at 10 mph and charged up to 20mph by the time we got to the Wildlife Drive.

We started with a trip to Seminole Rest and a stop at the overlook across the street from Goodrich’s Restaurant.  We spent over a half hour there.  The first call was from Joe who announced the presence of a Swan. Continue Reading »