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Wilson’s Plovers Survey at Bethune Beach, May 21

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pontoon_boat-1Dick and Gail and I went out at 9:00 this morning, about 2 hours before high tide.  We found nine chicks with parents and six eggs in nests with parents nearby.


WIPL1: 2 adults and three chicks.

WIPL2: 2 adults and three chicks

WIPL 3: Three eggs

WIPL 4: nothing seen

WIIPL5: 2 adults and three chicks.

WIPL6: three eggs.

If you are interested in seeing the chicks, you have to be patient.  They are spending quite a bit of time in the vegetation in the dunes.  Once you see an adult, wait for a few minutes and look around.  The chicks seem to come out of nowhere.

The new signs posted where the chicks are are precious.


Bethune Beach WIPL report, 19 May 2015

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DSC_5039Lamont and I visited the sites and found two families of two adults and three chicks.


WIPL 1, no activity but since there was one chick two days ago, maybe on of the families is what we saw.

WIPL 2 Two adults and three chicks on beach in vicinity of that nest site. Continue Reading »

Wilson’s Plovers nesting on Bethune Beach, One chick

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DSC_5009In February, Ken started to ask for help in getting stewards on the Bethune Beach section of New Smyrna Beach to monitor the nests of Wilson’s Plovers he expected to see there this year.  They started nesting there last year, I believe one or two nests, and some of the residents were pretty callous about where they walked and where they let their dogs illegally run off leash. Continue Reading »

Gardens by the Bay by Ken

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Beth and I decided to visit Gardens by the Bay before we left Singapore.  This exposition sits on 250 acres of reclaimed land near the Marina Bay Sands (Hotel).   First stage was opened in 2012 and the rest came onstream in 2013.  It is an amazing place.

I elected not to carry my binoculars, a mistake.  As we detaxied, we heard the call of a White-throated Kingfisher and soon saw him on a high branch.  We saw several other birds and I’m sure could have seen many more had I had my bins. Continue Reading »

Birding in Thailand by Ken

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Beth and I went separate ways on our last day in Thailand.  Jim Thompson was a world renowned silk aficionado who disappeared in Malaysia in 1967.  Silk in his name still sells for more than their weight in gold however.  Beth planned to go to the Jim Thompson Museum, the Jim Thompson Factory and Outlet Store and the Jim Thompson Retail Store.  Not me!  I lined up a guide firm to go birding and elected to go to Kaeng Kratchan National Park, 125 miles south of Bangkok on the Myanmar border. Continue Reading »

Bangkok by Day by Ken

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Our first full, non-family, day in Bangkok was a Monday.  We made arrangements for a guide and at 8:00, Chanya, a thirtyish Buddhist lady, arrived with driver, to show us her city.

Our first stop was the Grand Palace, which we had driven by the night before, but which was even more magnificent in daylight.  Sixty-seven acres of fantastic, finely tiled temples – although a portion is the kings’ burial sites and off limits to commoners.  Several temples are tiled in glass, some in ceramic and the most spectacular in small gold tiles.  There are also fifteen foot tiled statues, council rooms and a weapons museum.  The focal point of the array, however, is Wat Phra Kaeo, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where a bright green Buddha sits.  Actually, the Buddha is jade or jasper but its composition is uncertain as no one is allowed near it save the king.  Robes are changed three times a year and we arrived only days after a changeout.  The inside of the bot or house is covered with ancient religious drawings depicting Buddha’s life and the principals of Buddhism.  A fitting center piece in an amazing setting.  Continue Reading »