DSC_5039Lamont and I visited the sites and found two families of two adults and three chicks.


WIPL 1, no activity but since there was one chick two days ago, maybe on of the families is what we saw.

WIPL 2 Two adults and three chicks on beach in vicinity of that nest site.

WIPL 3, Female with three eggs.

WIPL 4, no activity

WIPL 5, No activity in nest site but a pair near it at water’s edge.

WIPL 6, Female and three eggs.

Mile 37, adult pair and three chicks.

6520 S. Atlantic, Single male

Towards the end of the time we met Dick and Gail.

Later, I received an email from Dick indicating he and Gail saw a total of three pairs and three chicks each.

Looks like we can have a sucessfull nesting season at Bethune Beach Park even though there is not much going on at Dunes Park and Disappearing Islands.

Interesting that the Western Sandpiper in breeding plumage is still hang in around.   Dick also reported three Red Knots.  Hmmm!


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