Black-necked StiltSeven folks, including three snowbirds, spent a beautiful day at the MINWR focusing on the Peacock’s Pocket road.

We first stopped at the bridge on SR406 and saw many scaups and an Osprey on the nest. Crossing the bridge there was a Horned Grebe and lots of Ring-billed Gulls. A few Black Skimmers let us watch them feeding.


On Peacock’s Pocket Road, we saw little during the initial part, which was mostly forested on both sides of the road. We stopped to look at a pond where we saw some Blue-winged Teals and I flushed a Wilson’s Snipe. I was the only one who saw it. About half an hour later, I flushed another Snipe and watched as it flew and saw it land. We spent the better part of ten minutes looking for it and finally found it. We spent more time as we got every one to see it and photograph it if they we so inclined. Meanwhile there were some Black-necked Stilts and Roseate Spoonbills to enjoy.

At the end of Peacock’s Pocket Rd and onto Gator Creek Road, we saw lots of Skimmers and American Avocets.

We had lunch at the visitor center and counted 56 species. Then we bid our Michigan friends Adieu. See you on the flip side.

Thanks to Bobbie for the Savannah Sparrow and Black-necked Stilt photos.

To see a slide show, please click here.


Species List:

X Mottled Duck
X Blue-winged Teal
X Northern Shoveler
X Greater Scaup
X Common Loon
X Pied-billed Grebe
X Horned Grebe
X Wood Stork
X Double-crested Cormorant
X American White Pelican
X Great Blue Heron
X Great Egret
X Snowy Egret
X Tricolored Heron
X Reddish Egret
X Green Heron
X White Ibis
X Glossy Ibis
X Roseate Spoonbill
X Black Vulture
X Turkey Vulture
X Osprey
X Northern Harrier
X Common Gallinule
X American Coot
X Black-necked Stilt
X American Avocet
X Killdeer
X Spotted Sandpiper
X Greater Yellowlegs
X Willet
X Lesser Yellowlegs
X Short-billed Dowitcher
X Long-billed Dowitcher
X Wilson’s Snipe
X Laughing Gull
X Ring-billed Gull
X Caspian Tern
X Black Skimmer
X Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)
X Mourning Dove
X Belted Kingfisher
X Red-bellied Woodpecker
X American Kestrel
X Florida Scrub-Jay
X Fish Crow
X Tree Swallow
X Gray Catbird
X Northern Mockingbird
X European Starling
X Palm Warbler
X Savannah Sparrow
X Northern Cardinal
X Red-winged Blackbird
X Common Grackle
X Boat-tailed Grackle