Our last day started a little later than usual as this was the ship’s last voyage before dead heading to Halifax and being completely restocked for Antarctic service starting in October.  We were recruited to help empty their liquor stocks.  FREE BOOZE!  After Beth and I retired, the sauna across the hall from us became the center of the party so sleep was rather sporadic.  

We steamed up Frobisher Bay and anchored off Iqaluit.  True to form it was cold, windy and raining.  We put on our rain gear to ride the two or so miles to shore, which was a mud beach.  We shucked our gear and, in our civilian jackets, made a dash for the school buses waiting for us a few hundred yards away.

Iqaluit is a city of about 12,000 but is not a fun spot in the rain.  The only pavement in town is the last mile to the airport. En route we stopped at the Iqaluit Visitors Centre.  It was quite interesting with native history and artifacts and included beautiful taxidermic Polar Bear, Caribou and Canada Geese plus a few smaller birds and other animals.

On the drive to the airport, several of us observed that all buildings, including fairly modern ones were built on blocks.  We were advised this is to keep the permafrost from melting and causing the structures to sink.

We flew a First Air 737 from Iqaluit to Ottawa, Ontario.  While picking up our luggage we said good-bye to our many new friends as we all went our own different directions.  Beth and I spent the night in an airport hotel and the next morning headed home.

!!GREAT TRIP!!  GREAT ADVENTURE.  Click this link, Voyage Chart , to see an as-done map of our trip.