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March Hontoon Island State Park Field Trip Report

Posted by on 03 Apr 2018 | Tagged as: birding

Our planned boat trip was cancelled so our group decided to visit Hontoon Island State Park.  A beautiful state park in Deland on the St Johns River.  All the park rangers and volunteers we met were very friendly and helpful.  We walked to the large Indian mound on the island, a three mile round trip. Well worth the walk.  In several places along the trail the tree tops were full of little birds.  We also saw and heard quite a few woodpeckers. A hairy woodpecker being the bird of the day. 

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March 18 Viera Wetlands Field Trip Report

Posted by on 03 Apr 2018 | Tagged as: birding

 Our trip to Viera Wetlands was a little later in the season than usual so we missed seeing more duck species This year we did see a lot more houses where just a few years ago there had been fields full of sod and sometime shore birds.  At the wetlands we did see small flocks of Ring-necked Duck.  The Great Blue Herons were nesting on the tops of dead sable palms. Was interesting watching the adult herons feeding the hunger young birds. Also saw several White Ibis nest with young.  The Swallow-tailed kite was the first one we have seen this year.            

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