Skimmers on the pavement
Skimmers on the pavement

It was a warm, partly sunny and partly cloudy day, when 11 members met.  It was supposed to be a field trip to Orlando Wetlands Park, which many of us were eager to do.  But, after hearing from the Wenzel’s and Halifax River AS that there were few birds because of lots of heavy equipment refurbishing the environment there, we decided to go to MINWR.  The trip started at the Max Brewer bridge in Titusville where we sighted some Common Loons and then, to the East, a large number of Black Skimmers on the pavement.  A little farther East, on the South side of the road, were lots of shorebirds, including Dunlins, American Avocets and  Black-necked Stilts.  Check 0out our Facebook page for Richard’s photo of the Loon.

On the Wildlife Drive, there were several species of ducks, including Coots, Common Gallinules, Northern Shovelers, Ring-necked Ducks and Blue-winged Teal.  We also saw most of the Herons and Egrets.  At the end of the Drive, the old Eagle’s nest had two adult Bald Eagles tending it.  

We went to the Visitor Center for lunch and recap.  There we saw White-eyed Vireo, Painted Bunting, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  

On our trip out of the refuge on Rte3, we saw a  Scrub Jay, an Eastern Towhee, and another pair of adult Bald Eagles tending a nest.

All in all, we saw a total of 71 species.  A great day for the chapter.

Green Heron