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Lake Ashby Paddle with Volusia County staff

Posted by on 16 Sep 2012 | Tagged as: flowers, outreach

On Friday, Sep 14th, Maureen and I participated in a paddle sponsored by Volusia County at Lake Ashby. It was led by Bonny Cary, and David Griffis, a county extension agent helped out. David runs the Florida Master Naturalist programs for the county. There were about a dozen kayaks and our canoe. We were probably the only newbies on the tour. That fact notwithstanding, everyone made us feel really welcome.

It was a leisurely paddle starting at the boat launch on Commercial Avenue off Lake Ashby Road. We were scheduled to go around the lake to the Wiregrass Prairie Preserve property.
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Tulip Watching in the Netherlands by Ken

Posted by on 09 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: birding, flowers

Dutch Tulip FieldsAfter Beth followed me around battlefields and bird marshes in France and Belgium for two weeks in April, I agreed to tulip – watch in The Netherlands with her.

With the Fyocks, we boarded a river boat in Antwerp, Belgium and cruised canals and lakes to several smaller cities in Belgium and The Netherlands. Often the water in the canal was higher than the surrounding countryside. At one point we actually passed over a busy, four-lane divided highway. We also visited Delta Works, the massive dikes which are normally open to allow water and marine life to pass back and forth into the Zeider Zee but may be closed to prevent North Sea storm tides from flooding the lowlands. We also visited a windmill “farm” at Kinderdijk where the operator lives inside the body of his windmill together with his wife and family. Continue Reading »

Zwinning by Ken

Posted by on 19 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: birding, flowers

Beth and I decided to spend April in Europe, mainly so she could see the Netherlands in tulip season. As a concession she agreed to go to the WWI battlefields, where the uncle who raised me had fought. Continue Reading »